Pablo Matamoros

I help organisations to define, plan and implement their digital roadmap. My 20+ years of experience across diverse industries help me to focus on the bigger picture by understanding the business needs of any type of organisation. For the last 10 years I have held leadership roles, the last 4 years formally managing teams of designers, business analysts and engineers. Together we deliver online solutions that improve customer experience and reduce operational costs.

What I Do

Digital Consultancy

Digital is much more complex that the implementation of the latest shiny technology. Ultimately a digital project is about understanding your business and customers in order to identify solutions that will provide efficiency gains or a better customer experience. For the last 10 years my focus has been on the implementation of technologies that connect your operations with your customers.

Software Delivery

Managing the delivery of technology projects requires skills in fields beyond project management. A deep understanding of technologies and people are key. My years of experience working with teams across diverse industries and technologies, combined with traditional and modern management practices and a pragmatic approach, can help successfully deliver your next project.

Web Development

The definition of web development is simple: the building and maintenance of websites. However, the complexity of a web project will vary depending on your customers' needs and the level of self-service required. Over the years I have worked on projects at both extremes of the spectrum: a few pages of content and secure transaccional portals. I can help your business identify the right level of complexity for your needs. 


The likes of Amazon and eBay made ecommerce accessible to the public. However, successful online stores run their own operations and platforms. Building a pretty website is not enough to achieve this. Your back-office systems must be integrated with your online store to simplify your operations. I can bring together my years of experience working on a variety of systems including logistics, production planning and web platforms, to help you succeed in ecommerce.